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Scholarships / Finances

Gem Scholarship

All students who apply to Boise State by the early application deadline, possess an outstanding academic record, and who are not residents of Idaho are automatically considered for a Gem scholarship. This scholarship waives the total cost of non-resident tuition (approximately $4,700 per semester).   For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.


Undergraduate New/Transfer International Student Scholarships

International New/Transfer Scholarships are for outstanding international students who demonstrate academic achievement and a commitment to being a successful student at Boise State University. The awards waive the entire non-resident portion of tuition and fees for new international freshman or transfer students applying for the fall semester. Eligible students must complete and submit all admissions materials by April 1st for Fall entrance. To be considered you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a first-time Boise State University student seeking an undergraduate degree with a full-time course load, attending Boise State University as an F-1 student.
  • Transfer students must have an overall equivalent college GPA of 3.00 or higher and new students must have an equivalent high school GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • You must be studying in an eligible major (current excluded majors are nursing, pre-nursing, radiology and pre-radiology). The list of excluded majors is subject to change.
  • You must have submitted all required admissions materials, with the exception of the Financial Form and Bank Verification, to the International Admissions Office by April 1st.

Deadline to submit the Undergraduate New/Transfer International Student is April 1st.


International New/Transfer Student Scholarships are awarded for one year and may be renewed for three additional years if you complete at least 12 credits per semester you receive the award or 24 credits per academic year (courses that are repeated within the same academic year do not count towards meeting the credit completion requirement), maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of3.00, and remain in an eligible program.


Continuing Undergraduate International Student Scholarships

Continuing Undergraduate International Student Scholarships waive the entire non-resident portion of tuition and fees for continuing international students for up to one academic year. To be considered you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You must have successfully completed (by the end of Spring 2013 semester) one semester (a minimum of 12 credits) of full-time coursework at Boise State University. Courses that are repeated within the same academic year do not count towards meeting the credit completion requirement.
  • You must be on an F-1 student visa.
  • You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree at Boise State.
  • Recipients cannot major in over enrolled programs; these currently include nursing, pre-nursing, radiologic sciences or pre-radiologic sciences. Programs are subject to change.
  • Self-supported online programs are also closed to nonresident tuition wavier eligibility.
  • You must not have already been awarded a tuition fee waiver for the 2014-15 academic year.

Deadline to submit the Continuing Undergraduate International Student Scholarship is April 1st


Trang Doan Memorial Scholarship For International Student Involvement at Boise State

Scholarships ranging from $300 – $600 will be awarded for Spring 2014 to selected international students who display commitment to involvement in campus life at Boise State University. We are looking for candidates who participate in campus events and activities, volunteer on campus or in the community, take on leadership positions, and/or participate in student organizations.

Trang Doan was an international student from Viet Nam who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2004. Trang was an active student leader.  She worked at the Women’s Center & Cultural Center for nearly two years and served as an officer in the International Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association and BARCADA, the Filipino student club. Trang’s dream was for the Cultural Center to be a vibrant, active place for students from all over the world to celebrate their differences and commonalities.  A fund has been created to provide a scholarship to one international student each year who demonstrates the values that Trang held so dear.   Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Successfully completed at least one semester of full-time coursework at Boise State  University
  • Minimum 2.75 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Have a valid F-1 Student Visa and current I-20

Deadline to submit the Trang Doan Memorial Scholarship is April 29th.


Departmental Scholarships

The academic departments and colleges also offer scholarships. Each academic division is responsible for separate awards, and most do not have separate applications.   For additional information on these scholarships, visit the Financial Aid website.

Graduate and Research Assistantships

Graduate students may apply for a graduate or research assistantship at the same time they apply for admission to the Graduate College.  The deadline to apply for an assistantship is determined by the department.  The application is available at Graduate College website.

Departments award graduate or research assistantships valued between $6,600 and $12,000.  Awards include a stipend and a waiver of tuition and fees (including non-resident fees). Graduate and research assistantships are expected to provide 15 to 20 hours of service per week to the university, while scholarship recipients have no service requirements.  For questions about graduate or research assistantships, please contact the department of your major.

Other Financial Resources

You can obtain information about scholarships or loans available to international students on many websites.  Please be aware that Boise State University does not recommend any website that requires a fee for this service.  This information should be free to students.  The following three websites are recommended and contain scholarship information:

Fast Web:   This is a good place to search for scholarships, which you may be eligible to receive.   Enter the requested information to receive a listing of available scholarships.

College Board:   This is another good source for scholarship information for international students.

Brain Track:   A free source for scholarship information for international students.


For Students from Latin America

Do you want additional financing for your studies at Boise State University?  Are you a citizen of a member state of the Organization of American States (OAS)?   If so, the Rowe Fund Student Loan Program helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States finance their studies in universities across the United States by awarding interest free loans.  Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round.  The loans are also available for university faculty and professionals with the support of the local university in the member state for continuing education or professional development courses in the United States.  The courses, studies, or research for which the loan is granted must last for one full academic period and be completed within a two year period.  For more information see our brochure.   To download the application forms, please visit their webpage or contact them at

Student Loans For Indian Citizens Studying in the USA

Credila Financial Services is a specialized India-based student-loan lender offering  loans to students from India who are currently studying in the USA. Credila’s team includes US educated professionals with background in financial services and education.   For more information visit their website.

Credila Financial Services, B 301
Citi Point
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 059 India,

The Boise State University Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website has a list of free National Scholarship search programs for scholarship search assistance.